About us

We are an international company operating in multiple jurisdictions with employees from different backgrounds in various countries. Our goal is to assist companies -mostly fintech business- to accelerate the global process of hyperbitcoinization. Since 2016 we have been successfully advising and providing B2B services aimed at facilitating other companies to create services that facilitate the conversion of fiat into BTC. We are a multidisciplinary team, made up of qualified professionals in various areas such as crypto in general, private international law, international compliance, Argentine crypto-law, Argentine-compliance, accounting, tax, corporate structuring and development of financial products.

Our Service


we specialize in the research, development, assistance and execution of the necessary engineering so that your crypto-company can be structured from the beginning to operate in compliance with the applicable legislation. We also collaborate in the development of products so that they integrate in a compatible way with the general legal strategy of the company.


we help consulting on legal aspects related to the use of cryptocurrencies, blockchain or digital means of payment in commercial transactions. We assist in the selection of third party service providers, drafting and reviewing of commercial contracts and Terms and Conditions.


we consult regarding compliance for applicable regulations. Specially anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC). We procure Government permits, licences and authorizations from the relevant agencies.


for companies already in production operating with crypto, we optimize workflows by automating the necessary legal and accounting procedures in order to achieve maximum efficiency in their business.

How we work

Our way of working consists of a first interview where our team listens to the you in order to find out about your needs and business model. Then we provide interdisciplinary advice based on your current system. Subsequently, a comprehensive solution proposal is presented in writing in order to optimize your systems while complying with the applicable regulations.

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